Sanganakiya Gramin Vikas (pronounced as SaGaVi )

As the project name suggests, we are aiming to get villages digitally capable to help and empower the villagers, including farmers, shop owners and even students.

Note that the word “sanganak ” means computer in Hindi and Marathi. The project is centered around the basic problem of information deficiency which results in loss of opportunities as well as financial losses to the villagers.

Why We Need SaGaVi

Wrong or misleading information, or no information about a particular scheme, best purchases or sales available and lots of other knowledge is common in villages.

These villagers loose a lot of money, time and some times even educational opportunities, just because they are uninformed or misguided. Digital Freedom Foundation is of a strong belief that training the rural youth to make perfect use of Information Communication Technology’s (ICTs) can lead to reducing and eventually eradicating the said problem.

This will result into better education, more employment and overall improvement in the standard of living of villagers due to the timely, accurate and useful information provided by their own people in their own language.

Training Focus

The way mobile phones and consequently the Internet have reached even the remote parts of India can’t go unnoticed. The idea is just to make proper use of these technologies.

Our mission is to give employment based training, involving smart use of Internet along with archiving and providing any kind of information/ documents on demand.

The training will be focused on relevant tools and techniques of using the tools, specifically for enabling people to run a rural information center. This will include training on using the virus free and easy GNU/Linux operating system, along with basic letter writing, scanning and printing, Indian keyboard and most importantly the smart use of Internet.

In fact Internet training will constitute most part to this training, comprising of smart google use, use of GPS like google maps, Audio/ Video conferencing etc. As a result the information center can provide services like:

  • Preparation of land documents and other legal papers.
  • Helping farmers with almost instant and relevant information for things like current market price, purchase of seeds, etc.
  • Providing any other information such as various government schemes or helping out with petty book keeping.
  • Providing information on places for best purchase of equipment, cattle,etc.
  • Arranging video conferences with educational councilors for 10th and 12th grade students.
  • Any other activity that can benefit the village such as showing documentaries on various rural issues.