How to Contribute

If you like to contribute to any of our projects, you can do several things to help us help every one in fully enjoying their Digital Freedom.

  • Donate to sustain free software development: Projects like GNUKhata is in need of good funders who can help us sustain it’s development and give you all a very good, powerful and feature rich accounting and inventory software and also very good active support.
  • Further more, you can help in kind by providing server space for hosting our software for downloads and other things like repositorys.
  • Contribute in terms of human resource: We need active volunteers like you all who can give your most valuable time. This is particularly needed when we hold camps for Sanganakiya Gramin Vikas and also for development of free software such as GNUKhata.
  • You can also Donate to us.

You can also write to, the general secretary for any suggestions.