GNUKhata is a free and flexible software for accounting and inventory management being developed at Digital Freedom Foundation . It is a Free and Open Source Software. that supports a wide range of applications in every field of economic activity, including factory or farm-based production, point of sales accounting & inventory and work in the service sector.

While it serves such traditional accounting requirements, its special feature is that it can support emerging sectors of the economy who are being required to keep audited accounts, such as self-help groups, craft producers and micro-finance groups. GNUKhata is highly customizable, given its open source nature.

It can be easily transformed into Indian languages, largely unreached by existing software solutions. The project is currently funded by International Center for FOSS a Kerala government undertaking and Tech Blue Inc.

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GNUKhata Team

Founder & Project Leader: Mr Krishnakant Mane

Domain Consultant : CA Arun Kelkar

Project Manager : Mr Abhijith Balan  &    Ms Prajkta Patkar

Tester : Ms Nishigandha Bichkar

Debian Packager : Mr Praveen Arimbrathodiyil

Our Active Contributors include:


  • Bhavesh Bawadhane
  • Mohd. Talha Pawaty
  • Reshma Bhatawadekar
  • Rohini Baraskar 
  •  Vaibhav Kurhe

Major customers/ users

Amongst our small and medium scale users, our prominent customers include:

  • ICFOSS who have done 3 successive audits exclusively using GNUKhata
  • Chinmiya uinversity Kannur has been using the web application since 2012
  • Auradh Shahajahani engineering college Latur has also been using it for last 2 years
  • Hallmark Engineers , Sakinaka Mumbai
  • Himal Prakriti  , A tourism company

Order GNUKhata DVD’s/pendrive

You can order GNUKhata , the powerful free and popular accounting software from us. The funds collected by selling GNUKhata media are used for funding projects under DFF including rural digital empowerment and free software development. You can choose between DVD or pendrive for linux as well as windows. You can send money by NEFT or by cheque, details are given below.