International Center for Free and Open Source (ICFOSS)

ICFOSS, a Kerala state government undertaking, has been funding Digital Freedom Foundation for the development of GNUKhata.The funding has been coming since the year 2012 and continuing. It has been instrumental to put the project in a position that it is now one of the biggest Indian contribution to free software.

National Mission for Education with ICT

The said central government body funded GNUKhata between the financial year 2010-11 and 2011-12. Most of the core logic of GNUKhata version 1 & 2 and the web based frontend was developed during this period when the funding was routed through Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay.

National Internet Exchange of India(NIXI)

NIXI as it is popularly known has been the first funder for GNUKhata when it started in a nascent stage in an organization named Comet Media Foundation. This funding from NIXI proved to be the vital startup which was needed to boost faster and dedicated development of GNUKhata.

TechBlue Software(TBS)

TechBlue Software, the makers of Hamara Linux(a complete Indian distro) have recently funded GNUKhata particularly for the design of its web based front end and integration on Hamara Linux. Besides, the project is keenly interested in GNUKhata’s accessibility as with al other software carefully chosen for the said distro. In addition, Hamara and DFF jointly aims to run courses in Free Software including GNUKhata for people with disability, especially visually disabled people.