FOSS Workshops

As a part of spreading awareness about the problems with proprietary software and advantage of Free Software, DFF takes a lot of workshops, specially in colleges and also in other institutes. We have particularly covered most of the colleges in Maharashtra state, including SSPM, RMCET, Ghodavat College of engineering, Sipna college, and many other colleges under Mumbai University. Our achievement lies in the fact that after taking workshops in most of the mentioned colleges, We had 80% to 90% of the labs switching over to active use of GNU/Linux (with focus on Ubuntu brand ). If you also wish to conduct such workshops, please email and the joint secretary will be very prompt in replying you.

Workshops we conduct:

  • Introduction to Free Software, a complete beginner level hands-on workshop which explains need for FOSS and helps migration.
  • Programming in Free software: this includes programming languages like Python, PHP, Java etc.
  • Networking using GNU/Linux.