Machine Learning Workshop at St. John College Of Engineering And Management

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Workshop on FOSS for school teachers at Momin's Girls' High School

The Founder and Secretary of Digital Freedom Foundation, Mr. Krishnakant Mane had given a seminar on “Free and Open Source Career Opportunities” at St. John College Of Engineering And Management on 8th January, 2017. A team from Digital Freedom Foundation – Krishnakant Mane himself, Prajkta Patkar and Abhijith Balan then conducted a workshop on “Machine Learning using Python” on 2nd and 3rd February, 2018. The workshop began with an introduction to Python programming. Later on data structures in Python, defining functions and concepts of OOP were discussed.

Once everyone became familiar with Python a demo of Emacs text editor was given. Afterwards an introduction to machine learning and its applications was given. Python libraries that were to be used in the exercises and their installation was discussed. The attendees were then walked through the steps involved in a machine learning project through exercises on supervised machine learning. The workshop concluded with a discussion on various sources for gaining further know how on machine learning and Python.