GNUKhata version 3 update 4 released.

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The GNUKhata team at DFF is happy to announce that the 4th update for it’s web version 3 has been released.

The update has few minor bug fixes and some enhancements.

please visit for more details

DFF presents GNUKhata at the Mini deb conf.

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The said conference for Debian actually invites national and
international speakers from the field of free software.

DFF is known for it’s workshops and seminars through which many colleges
have shifted totally or almost completely to free software.

We presented GNUKhata’s web version to the audiance.
The talk was targeted towards both users and also for those who wish to
do programming for GNUKhata to add more features.

DFF makes an MOU with College Of Engineering Pune.

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This is a major tie up with one of the oldest engineering colleges in India.

Under this joint agreement, DFF and COEP will do plethora of activities
including yearly internships at DFF labs on free software projects,
joint FOSS workshops and seminars etc.

The Director of COEP and Secretary of DFF signed the agreement and on
the very next day a meeting with 6 interns was held. These interns will
be working on inventory module of GNUKhata as their final year project.

GNUKhata version 3 released!

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DFF is proud to announce the release of GNUKhata version 3.

Apart from being a major release, this version is also the first web
based enterprise release which has great new features and can be used as
a stand-alone (desktop version ) and on the web.

for more details, visit and download the installer.

ICFOSS sends new round of funds for GNUKhata.

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The International Center for FOSS has been a Kerala government
undertaking which is funding GNUKhata for last 4 years.

The said organization sent a fresh round of funding to the team for
boosting and sustaining the development.