GNUKhata Version 5.0 Released

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Digital Freedom Foundation is proud to announce the release of version 5.

The much awaited version 5 of this free, fast and feature rich accounting software is more enterprise ready with a lot of new additions to the already existing modules. These new additions include Sales and Purchase order, Credit and Debit note and Rejection Note, all GST ready.

Invoice and Delivery chalan modules are also GST ready. We also have the sales and purchase register revamped for new updates to GST.

After a long discussion with our existing customer base, we decided to export all reports to xlsx instead of the previous ODS format.

We have also revamped the Profit and Loss statement and made it more auditor friendly.

Lastly we have made the import from software like Tally even more easy.

You can now download the new version from GNUKhata website while help desk is ready to take your queries, requests and new feature demands.

In fact the support help desk is the biggest thing we have to offer to our customers from this time around.

Hope you all will like this version of GNUKhata and have more reasons to exclusively use it.

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