GNUKhata version 3.5.1 released

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Digital Freedom foundation is proud to announce the release of GNUKhata’s latest version.
The 3.5.1 release has several great enhancements, few of them being much awaited.

Data import from Tally

Many of our users have often asked for a feature which can help them happily migrate all their books of accounts from Tally to GNUKhata once for all.
This would help them get all the previous years of data.
We have finally made this feature available in the latest release.
All you have to do is, export data from Tally ERP 9 into spreadsheets.
Put all the sheets in a single workbook (Tally’s gateway feature allows this ).
The first sheet should have the list of accounts categorized in the groups which GNUKhata specifies. There are 13 such groups, most of them matching with those in Tally.
There are additional subgroups and you can have new ones which are not in GNUKhata by default.
Then arrange the accounts with their optional opening balances under these groups or subgroups.
Rest of the sheets must be ledgers of all these accounts.
For more details you can visit GNUKhata home page including the link for live demo.
A sample workbook is also uploaded there which you can take and use the import feature in GNUKhata.

Godown wise stock classification

The version 3.5 already had stock management incorporated in GNUKhata.
Now we have taken this one step ahead. You will not just be able to see the stock report but also godown wise classification of stock.
We have also made the GUI more user friendly.
You can download the offline and online installer from Http:// and use it right away on your machines, commercially or personally.
We hope you find the software more compelling for your accounting needs and makes your book keeping a great experience.

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